39 Games Like Zuma

Zuma is an Amazing, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed by Oberon Media and published by PopCap Games Glu Mobile. The game includes two Modes such as Gauntlet Mode and Adventure Mode. The game includes various levels and each level having colourful balls that are rolling around the screen. Your main task is to eliminate the balls by matching three same colour balls and destroy them, to make a place for upcoming balls. The game rewards you when you complete each level, and you can use them to unlock other secrets levels. The game lets you carry two colour balls at a time and can switch at any time, whenever you want. You must stop the ball to reach at the skull if any one ball reach at the skull you lose your life. To prevent the ball reaching the skull, you must fire the balls continuously from the stone frog mouth. When three same colour balls come in connect, they destroy. You can complete each level by destroying all of the balls from the screen.  Zuma offers the best mechanics, engaging and quite immersive gameplay, and superb visuals. Try it out. You’ll really enjoy the game.

Hungry Babies Mania
Good alternative game?

In Hungry Babies Mania your actual objective is to supply the greedy animals of the world by managing the tasty treats throughout hundreds of levels. It’s gameplay you’ve experienced before but with a new wrapping and good set of functions to make it the most effective match three puzzle games.…

Cookie Jam
Good alternative game?

Cookie Jam is really a perfectly addictive Match-3 puzzle video game by SGN. The game lets you travel via wonderlands inside your traveling bakery, have fun ro solving mouth-watering puzzles, create sweetest mixtures of delightful food items by changing your path with the addictive levels of awesomeness and block inside…

Juice Jam
Good alternative game?

The builders of Cookie Jam have worked away in the sugary snacks and developed a fresh match three puzzle grand adventure centred about fruit instead. Using comparable essentials for their other games you’ll discover refined mechanics, better shades and also hundreds of fresh levels in SGN’s next mobile creation. With…

Candy Blast Mania
Good alternative game?

Candy Blast Mania is one other enjoyable Match-3 style Puzzle video game for all of the lovers of this particular genre. The game takes you for an incredible Candy Blasting adventure and also allows you to match a lot of similar candies and finished a number of exciting game levels.…

Battle Camp
Good alternative game?

Battle Camp created by pennyPop is a Fantastic Adventure, Puzzle and RPG video game specifically designed for Android and iOS devices. Inspired deeply by the Pokémon series games, Battle Camp offers a similar game-play and mechanics and allows you to immerse yourself into an amazing puzzle and RPG game-play in…

Jewel Mania
Good alternative game?

Jewel Mania is strongly depending on the preferred game, Candy Crush Saga and is available on iOS and Android mobile phone devices. Along with countless levels as well as an amazing but easy fine art design Jewel Mania is just about the big match three games to experience on the…

Best Fiends
Good alternative game?

Merging match 3 puzzle gaming along with soft monster role playing elements is Best Fiends. Making use of your own group of things (known as Fiends) you’ll struggle from the slugs all while discovering fresh characters for your team and changing current ones. Best Fiends falls under the connector match…

Jelly Splash
Good alternative game?

Jelly Splash is a puzzle game created by Wooga which can be played in your internet browser (Facebook) or in your iOS/Android smartphone. The game grouped into the linking puzzle kind and desires gamers to attach sets of jelly together across many hundreds of levels. Gameplay consists of connecting jellies…

Muffin Quest
Good alternative game?

Muffin Quest presents something more important for the match three challenge style by allowing gamers to move rows and columns instead of unique tiles. Along with 200 levels to accomplish you’ll be considered a master of the new mechanic by the end of your iOS or Android adventure. Every level…

Disco Bees
Good alternative game?

Disco Bees is an excellent match up with three puzzle adventure which utilizes a specialized hexagonal design grid (depending on honeycomb) as well as brings together it having an amazing disco soundtrack. You’ve received lots of level variety in shop while you buzz your path via what the game has…

Book of Life: Sugar Smash
Good alternative game?

Match up with candies in the wonderful game world of Book of Life: Sugar Smash, is a match three puzzle based adventure that lets you collecting the specified treats across nearly 100 game stages/level. During these levels you will be helping Maria, Joaquin and also Manolo to gather the delicious…

Chew n’ Pop Tales
Good alternative game?

Chew n’ Pop Tales is really a delicious addition to the match three puzzle category which has you combining gummy tiles of several colors. Using well over 100 levels to experience the game provides a long-term adventure on your iOS and Android devices. This game allows you entering into Gummy…

Lil Quest
Good alternative game?

Lil Quest is a very simple matching game for your smart phone which includes you finishing hundreds of levels each using their own objective. With simple to pick up gameplay, colorful graphics as well as upbeat sound it provides a great way to pass time. Lil Quest is classified as…

Gummy Drop
Good alternative game?

Gummy Drop is a match three puzzle video game using a twist, not only will you need to make the right path via hundreds of gummy themed levels players will also need to rebuild society by collecting the required building materials. This building element provides something extra and also provides…

Yummy Mania
Good alternative game?

Yummy Mania is known as a match 3 puzzle game featuring yummy sweets, colorful graphics and also hundreds of levels. It is got all of the ingredients which have made other games like Candy Crush Saga well-known in this space and it is sure to entertain fans of this genre…

Mystic Marbles
Good alternative game?

Absolutely no-one can refuse that the match three puzzle genre is stuffed with stale and also dated gameplay. Mystic Marbles aims to remedy this by modifying up a staple mechanic of the genre and also making you to think in another way to obtain high scores. Mystic Marbles goes directly…

Monster Busters
Good alternative game?

Monster Busters is a very simple match 3 puzzle genre with an offering that will please people of every age group. While this genre might have been completed to death in recent years with the success of games like Candy Crush Saga, Monster Busters does attempt to bring something fresh…

Dungeon Raid
Good alternative game?

Dungeon Raid is a simple puzzle mechanics using a deep Role play game style experience where you’ll level up and equip hundreds of unique items. Game-play in Dungeon Raid offers it all including equipment, upgrades, abilities, unique monsters and lots of other mechanics to experience. To do many of these…

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Good alternative game?

Marvel Puzzle Quest game features all your valuable characters and also enemies so it’s definitely one for Marvel fans although non fans will still be capable of enjoy the fairly solid gameplay. This game-play is similar to other mobile games with a freemium model which takes lots of opportunity to…

Farm Heroes Saga
Good alternative game?

Farm Heroes Saga requires the best of Candy Crush Saga as well as changes the concept while introducing some new mechanics to provide a fun and colorful matching experience. Your primary goal in every level of Farm Heroes Saga is to gather the necessary resources for that level. With simply…

Cruel Jewels
Good alternative game?

Cruel Jewels is really a standard three puzzle match game but is included with its own distinctive charm which makes it a wonderful game for puzzle fans. The game packs in lots of different game modes with catchy tunes and also voice overs to maintain you playing. The main gameplay…

Diamond Dash
Good alternative game?

Diamond Dash is as easy as it gets when it comes to puzzle experiences along with gameplay revolving all-around players clicking on groups of similar colored blocks. With 60 second rounds Diamond Dash is a great option for short play sessions or competing against friends. Gameplay in Diamond Dash consists…

Jewel Mash
Good alternative game?

Chief Le Match wants your guide while you sail the shores of Treasure Island matching jewels by connecting his salty crew aboard the Gem Star. This is a very simple match three Puzzle adventure game but includes high creation values and also enough variety to ensure the 150 levels are…

Good alternative game?

Bejeweled is an Awesome, Puzzle, Match-3 video game developed and published by PopCap Games. The game is inspired by the game of Shariki and Columns. The game consists of various levels and allows you complete each one to progress. In the game, your primary task is to swap one gem…

Diamond Digger Saga
Good alternative game?

Diamond Digger Saga is an Amazing, Cross-platform, Free-to-play, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed and published by King. The game provides you with similar gameplay like Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush. In the game, your primary job is to dig through demands and uncover the treasure. The game…

Puzzle and Dragons
Good alternative game?

Puzzle and Dragons is an Amazing, Puzzle, Role-playing, Match-3 and Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Gung-ho Online Entertainment and published by Kenji Ito. The game provides you with amazing gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in Puzzle experience. In the game, you must move three same coloured orbs…

Good alternative game?

BraveSmart is an incredible, Puzzle, Match-3, and Single-player video game developed and published by Flaregames. The game provides you with a fantastic gameplay that you’ll ever be played. The game lets you combine three rocks, metal and wood tiles to build a cottage, three cottage for each mansion. In the…

The Treasures of Montezuma 2
Good alternative game?

The Treasures of Montezuma 2 is a Fantastic, Puzzle, Match-3 video game developed and published by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. The game consists of various levels and lets you complete each one. It provides you with unique gameplay, in which you must match three same-colored orbs in order score points and…

Juice Cubes
Good alternative game?

Juice Cubes is an Entertaining, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game created by Pocket PlayLab and published by Rovio Stars. The game is specially designed for mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Social Network. The gameplay is very interesting, in which you must connect minimum three fruits of the…

Bubble Witch 2 Saga
Good alternative game?

Bubble Witch 2 Saga is an Amazing, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed and published by King. The game is specially designed for Mobile platforms and Social Media. The game lets you immerse yourself in bubble bursting fun experience. The game offers you the various world to explore and…

Bubble Mania
Good alternative game?

Bubble Mania is an Awesome, Match-3, Puzzle and Entertaining Mobile Video game developed and published by Storm8 Studios and available on Android, iOS and Social Network. The game provides you with bubble shooter gameplay, in which you must defeat the Evil Bubble Wizard in order to save the baby critters.…

Good alternative game?

Magnetica is an Entertaining, Puzzle, Match-3, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Mitchell Corporation and published by Nintendo. The offers you with unique gameplay, in which marbles roll down a distorted path toward the goal and your main task is to stop those marbles by launching new marbles on…

Frozen Free Fall
Good alternative game?

Frozen Free Fall is a brilliant, Action-Adventure, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed and published by Disney. The game takes place in the fantastic crystal world and lets you immerse yourself in puzzle experience. The game consists of more than 1000 incredible levels, and additionally unlock levels. The game…

Good alternative game?

TumbleBugs is an incredible, Puzzle, Match-3, and Single-player video game created by Wildfire Studios and published by Bigfish Games. The game consists of various levels, and you can complete each level with same mechanics. In the game, the objectives are rolling around the screen and reach slowly at the specific…

Bejeweled Blitz
Good alternative game?

Bejeweled Blitz is an Enjoyable, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game provides you with ball blasting gameplay and allows you engage yourself in endless experience. In the competition, you must match at least three gems to eliminate for oncoming gems. Match or connect…

Atlantis Adventure
Good alternative game?

Atlantis Adventure is an Awesome, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed and published by Social Quantum Ltd. The game in not provides you with a just classic match-3 puzzle gameplay, and it also features the fantastic locations, cool effects, unusual sounds and interesting plots. The game lets you travel…

Bejeweled 3
Good alternative game?

Bejeweled 3 is a Puzzle, Match-3 and Single and Multiplayer video game by PopCap Games. It is a fifth major game in the series of Bejeweled that was released on 7 December 2010 on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox 360, etc. The game…

Good alternative game?

Chuzzle is a Free to play, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed by Raptisoft Games and published by PopCap Games. The game offers a 6*6 board that is full of multi-colored balls called Chuzzles and the main task of the player is removes those Chuzzles and allows new Chuzzles…

Atlantis Quest
Good alternative game?

Atlantis Quest is a Match-3 Puzzle video game developed and published by Playrix Games. The game offers several interesting and quest of adventures, embark on a journey around the ancient Babylon, Rome, Greece and Carthage in the search for one of the best mysteries of all the time. It is…

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