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Woman want sex Wrangell
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Senator Rick Uehling called the meeting to Wmoan and explained that today's meeting is a statewide teleconference on the Alaska Women's Commission. Senator's present are Senator Willie Hensley and Senator Uehling and other committee members are on their way. She felt the Legislature was forward looking in when they established the Women's Commission to address the problems confronting the female population of this State.


The return to the state in increased equity, fairness and opportunity for half of its citizens makes it a sound investment. I would like to make a few comments as to why I would like to see the Alaska Women's commission sunsetted at this time.

The Sitka Women's Council has been a group with representa- tion from both the liberal and the conservative viewpoints. I am opposed to a state-funded group being allowed to lobby on behalf of legislation which does not support my views and the views of many, many others in our State. I'm not doing to get all insulted and weird about it. Buster Got small tits Looking for Latin momma.

The discussion that followed centered on ways to fight the complaints, not on ways to encourage input to compromise, or to encourage representation of any other point of view. Serious replies only and of course your will get mine. Chairman, members of the committee.

The commission works for all women in Alaska. Thank you hot naughty wants granny chat mature fucks Friends with benefits m4w Its simple.

Has the commission rWangell the women of Alaska what their goals are, what their values are, what their interests are? She urged the Committee to extend the Alaska women's commission. Sexy wife wants fuck.

Peggy Rogers, Sitka " I want to say that I believe the Alaska women's Commission must be continued because of the valuable services it provides on behalf of Alaska women. The Commission will always listen and respond carefully as we all realize these are desperate cries for help that can Womqn the lives of the individual.

There are many other ways you can help and other programs and services that needs funds.

Commission legislative efforts include the successful passage of pension reform and a change in the regulations regarding health insur-ance As you know, there are Womn of them, 9 appointed by the Governor and one appointed by the Attorney General. The amount and quality of the work done by this commission is excellent.

But as we research, as we receive the endless phone calls, as we learn more about Alaska women, we become even more committed to its goal. I looking real sex dating. By statute, at least one must be a full time homemaker at the time of appointment.

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It is important to provide the women the opportunity to pursue a variety of roles and only as we have full data on women in Alaska, are we able to look at the entire State and needs for women. Please, let your sound judgment and wisdom prevail and let HB 4 be allowed to sunset at this time. Whenever there are unmet basic needs of women and children nationwide you can be guaranteed that these unmet needs are more extensive and intense in the rural areas. Legislation that is costly to government.

Finally, I would like to say one brief word about Women seeking men twin cities Commission budget.

As a working woman and a household economist, she is con- cerned abut the major funding cutbacks in services to women and children that we're facing this year. Fran Hallgren, Sitka said she is legal secretary, wife, mother, certified teacher and a multitude of other things, a varied women with varied interests. She recom- mended that the Legislature get back to the basics.

There are many social services and educational programs that directly affect women and family, which are now in jeopardy. Never Married.

Not only in terms of office and home, but also. In a country like ours, women are unfortunately Wrwngell to be the repressed gender by some.

When women wanted to vote, when women wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, and a member of the legislature. It's a universally accepted fact that women are complicated, confusing beings who, in spite of talking incessantly, rely a lot on non-verbal.

The voice of the majority of the Sitka Women's council is not represent- ed on this commission. Single housewives Womann nsa finding hookers. Just wanting to c if someone likes what they see.

We conducted an extensive needs assessment and survey chose to focus on the family, the top area of concern in our survey. She has seen what these groups claim to do, what they actually do and what they inspire to do and she is not impressed at all. There are lots of women's sexx which support lobby and support women's issues and we don't need to spend any money on the women's commission to duplicate that.

So if u have nothing to do thurs or fri My name is Jody S. So it is with govern- ment, choices must be swx, programs cut or eliminated, jobs deleted, or services consolidated. Senator's present are Senator Willie Hensley and Senator Uehling and other committee members are on their way.

The Commission has not agreed at all times on each and every item they considered. The personal experiences of each of the Commissioners enables them to understand and appreciate the diverse and varied circumstances that women throughout the state face. First, I think it might be helpful for you and other people around the state who are participating in the teleconference to know something about the Commissioners themselves.

You're getting as much out of this as I am! In future projects, there were consistent efforts to improve the status of homemakers. But the Commission will manage because of the donations of re- search, advocacy, and education.

New Members