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Still looking for my submissive babygirl

Still looking for my submissive babygirl

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Welcome Kayla Lords to the blog! A big thanks to her, and her Daddy, for chatting with us today. Giveaway Alert!


When I first heard the term “alpha sub” I spent days trying to research what it was Now there is no ONE way to be a submissive – my service is not your service.

PO Box I have been screamed at by many people when I tried to discuss this in a BDSM Facebook group — I must not be a real submissive they say. We have our sexual kinks — bondage, rope, pain, spanking, flogging, exhibitionism, and more. Written by andyiccee The more I research BDSM the more I feel at home in the community — I realize that aspects of myself that I always thought were weird and unacceptable are permissive and actually quite normal here.

Being a babygirl is more than you think

I wear my hair in pigtails. I not only am submissive to my Master but, I am his BabyGirl. For me, every night is Hot papua new Carthage Texas girls Little Night — I do not always need to color or hold a stuffed animal, but when I do, my Master makes sure that we can set aside time for those needs to be met. Similarly, sometimes I need to tell Master that I cannot be yelled at that day for whatever reason, so if he could speak softly to me and use his baby voice, that would be best.

I am encouraged to giggle and talk, babyygirl be silly and goofy, to allow my playful side to come out into the open. I need strong arms, a willingness to make me a cup of hot tea, and a bit of babying.

Wants horny people

I am a dominant person outside of what I do with Master. Littles can hold jobs and be lookin, but they relax best by partaking in activities typically associated with children. With him, my hard, outer-shell falls away, and I allow my softer side to show. I am embarrassed easily, often blushing and shying away when Daddy says or does something sexually explicit especially in public.

Giveaway Alert! I am a top student at my university. So of course, I take it and get my. I like Disney movies. Though he is always my Master and I always follow his orders and cater to his needs thus still being submissive to him ALWAYSI like the feeling of power and control.

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I take control in these situations — this makes me no less submissive. My babygirl self is a softer side. Teddy and a Hello Kitty blankie that are both gifts from my Daddy — and I sleep with them both every night. He fucks me ruthlessly or sweetly depending on his mood. And think about what you need as a submissive.

Daddy may be in charge, babygiel I have a voice in our relationship. While often depicted as individuals wearing silly socks, holding stuffed animals, or watching cartoons, littles are not irresponsible.

I am free to speak my mind, as long as I am respectful. I am always a dominant personality in my friend group.

What an alpha babygirl is to me

See the difference? I have a teddy bear named Mr. When we are together, I am often tucked by his side, holding his hand, leaning into him.

You might mu we have more in common than you think. Between the ages of if you're a little older than that feel free to still send.

Kayla lords: what being a babygirl means to me

Are you a submissive little or babygirl, looking for your daddy? He holds my heart, and I hold his. Being a babygirl (or babyboy, as the case may be) is less about the giggles and object to the trappings and how we often present ourselves to the world, look past that giggly (or whiny) facade at what we really need. And I'm still learning foor my babygirl side every day.

Enjoy sidney's books? please spread the word :)

Much laughter and teasing ensued, especially for those whose told them had a bit or a lot of babygirl in them. A big thanks to her, and her Daddy, for chatting with us today. He sees a part of me that no one ever sees.

And think about what you need as a submissive. He understands this.

I allow the numerous real-world responsibilities fall away, even for just a few seconds. Where I can wear silly socks and lay on the floor with the Princess coloring book and crayons Master bought me, to decompress.

I know that I am loved and cherished. My babygirl side is my most vulnerable part of me.

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