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For the ladies

For the ladies

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I'm grateful that the film maker took the time to show the dancers as real people. These dancers come from varied backgrounds and experiences.


Film review: ‘this one’s for the ladies’

The whole affair is vastly entertaining — and far from indecent or intimidating — but there is a reason why Graham earns that NC rating: The members, while mostly covered in fabric casings, are bountifully there. Capable embrace outside the dance floor, you get the sense of a community that goes beyond her simply ogling his firefighter-themed calendar.

Also, the music played throughout the film is the crap!! Maybe those who plainly look down upon stripping and enjoying such an act will see this footage as a wake-up call, but for everyone else, the doc has the weak function of simply showing you good-hearted, sexy and sex-interested people, and their shared affection for this art form.

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In the end, it all feels like a safe space where almost anything goes. The next, we meet a new performer. Capable, Raw Dog, ladles Tygar bring their magic for a cause beyond entertainment.

One minute, a teen drops in to share his experience of watching his father perform. The closest he comes is with an Autism benefit—a woman named Michele organizes it and men like Mr.

There is also Michele, who pours the support she receives from the exotic dancing clan into a passion project for children with autism. Thanks to this necessary context, he hits a more urgent nerve in the intimate moments that follow Tygar and Raw Dawg.

These Beautiful Black men are so much more than just entertainers!! On the contrary, he celebrates a familial sense of community, open to anyone who laries like to in the euphoria. K likes. Clearly mesmerized by their spirited attachment to one another, Graham also the editor oftentimes haphazardly toggles through these subjects.

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They are so much more than they appear initially. Even the MCs for the event offer their experience, like when a woman named Sweet Tee speaks from the backseat of a car ,adies her job in getting women riled laries to splatter bills on the sweaty performers. I believe this helps the audience to see them as real people who have gone through struggles and have worked hard to be more than just products of their environments.

These dancers come from varied backgrounds and experiences. This One's for the Ladies is a doc about male strippers & the women who love them, exploring the sexual & social identity of a community through intimate.

Film review: ‘this one’s for the ladies’

I'm grateful that the film maker took the time to show the dancers as real people. This One's For The Ladies. They're fathers, sons, college graduates, and men who genuinely care about their communities. I also appreciated seeing the women outside of the club.

I'm hoping for a soundtrack!! It gets those points. Don't bust out the mixed drinks just yet: “This Ths for the Ladies” might start with gorgeous, nearly nude black men stripping for some very.

Hilarious, eye-opening, and breathtakingly sexy, THIS ONE'S FOR THE LADIES is a virtual how-to guide for letting. These Beautiful Queens are caring for their families and their communities.

This one's for the ladies

As Michele and Mr. The female clientele comes with nicknames too.

Standing in front of the projects they grew Ladies want sex tonight Flat in, the two brothers generously share their touching story of investing their earnings into the health and well-being of their family. We meet Poundcake Brown and C-Pudding in no time—a mother of four and a helper of the homeless, respectively—in addition to the fun-loving duo Kay and Ciera, known as Double Trouble.

For the dancers and fans alike, the Thursday potlucks seem to offer a break from the daily hardships, systemic racism and unjust power structures that hold back, ignore and sometimes even devastate the lives of their own men and women.

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