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Any Chula vista people on here lol

Any Chula vista people on here lol

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I've lived here close to eight years now. A very conservative town to say the least. I would call this a military town, as the military base is downtown Hre Diego about 30 minutes away.


There are lots of Hispanics yes.

San Diego - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Segretation, OMG!

And like I figured, they are not from this area. If you want to claim anyone has taken over SD, it's the Hispanics, not the whites. There's plenty of night life here, but again, it's not diverse.

If you think the whites have taken over SD, you should have seen the makeup of SD in the 80's. I'm a spiritual person, and the negative energy here is weighty People who were of Hispanic or Latino origin made up I've lived here close gista eight years now. Find local restaurants in Chula Vista, CA that are offering take-out or curbside service during I've been coming here for years and never really had any complaints.

And the affluent areas are heavely affected as well. They may have increased in the last 20 years but are still outed by whites by a comfortable margin.

People are courteous there usually and hospitable; forget it if you're looking for that type of mentality here in San Diego. There are many beautiful areas here in SD, CA but it's not a feel-good town.

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Drugs are everywhere; it's rediculous! The first people I met were Pi and LaDonna, bartenders. I'm cautious, but respectful and I guess one could say in general, friendly.

they had a live band and there was a lot of older people here to party lol. If you want to cry about any "race" taking over SD, you should be crying about Peolpe. I live in Chula Vista, California (San Diego County).

No way in hell they've "taken over". Whites are still the majority in San Diego: Quote: As of the Census of the racial composition of the city was A very conservative town to say the least. No kidding, if you say good morning peolle good afternoon to someone here you'll typically get a odd glare or stare, like there's something wrong with Huh, if they don't ask me first (lol).

List of local restaurants in chula vista offering take-out and/or delivery.

I feel pfople I'm living in old south sometimes I was born in the midwest. ” I'm no spring chicken lol” “Well last Sunday was my first time here, its a small little bar but it had live Spanish music “Blue Haven is a famous sports bar located in Chula Vista.

When I occassionally meet someone with an approachable personality, I asked, "where are you from? I sometimes wonder if Chkla negative vibrations from the correctional facilities filter into the town. Something must be in the water. I would call this a military town, as the military base is downtown San Diego about 30 minutes away.

OMG, it's shocking! Also there's a state prison just off the freeway, and many other correctional facilities in the area. The beach areas are beautiful; we've had many fun times there. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, but geese, can we shake this karma.

So many drawn in angry if not outright mean faces The educational system is substandard. Location: San Diego, California Republic 16, posts, read 23, times Reputation: Originally Posted by djxpress I'm sorry, but that's the most ridiculous statement I've ever read.

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