13 Games Like Active Worlds

Active Worlds is a traditional online world that is available on Microsoft windows. Action Worlds has been on the web since 1997 trading hands and businesses many times during the years to eventually establish itself as a leader in the genre. Active Worlds allows the users to explore a huge world. Active Worlds is a world of wonders. You will definitely like it. The gameplay of Active Worlds is extremely similar to other video games in the genre allowing users to explore a vast 3D universe, create their own 3D content, browse the web, instant message other users or use the voice chat features. The age of Active Worlds definitely displays in a good way with modified features, gameplay and a wide array of options to explore. With constant updates and overhauls to the system the game never looks out of date.


IMVU is multiplayer online video game created by ‘IMVU Inc’. IMVU is a community targeted site that is accessible on the web for free. The game released back in 2004 and has become quickly in this time to tens of million authorized accounts and also a lot of components of…

Club Cooee

Club Cooee is one of the more special online forums available and is an excellent adventure for followers of social virtual worlds such as IMVU. The game is created by Cooee GmbH and usually offers thousands of users online. Club Cooee offers all of the entertainment options of like games…


Hobbo is also known as ‘Hobbo Hotel’. Habbo includes a huge users list and offers a visible social media knowledge that you could obtain in your web browser. Build your personal exclusive avatar now and enter in the Habbo Hotel to connect with new people and possibly create long term…

Wooz World

Wooz World combines a digital universe along with social networks and also has been on the web since 2009. The games target market is youngsters and also kids but has also attracted a few old gamers because of the social media experience on offer. This game connected you to other…


Kaneva launched back in 2004 and it has since grown to a lot of users to create a big virtual world experience that is comparable to the big names in the genre such as Second Life. The social game began like a massively multi-player online gaming experience but rapidly moved…


Onverse is game that includes a huge three dimensional world for you to explore. The customization choices are nearly limitless and will have you enjoying for hours on end. The game is free to learn but does need a download that will focus on either Windows or Mac. The feature…

Chit Chat City

Chit Chat City is a fast growing digital world with lots of customization options. From creating your personal buildings in the huge shared communities to developing your own avatar from the in depth canvas or taking care of your own pet the amount of content is one of the largest…

Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso provides a special MMO experience which has its game currency directly tied with actual money permitting players to potentially profit from their activities in the digital world. This game launched back in 2003 and it has step by step developed into an incredible experience which is filled with…

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is really a virtual world for kids that includes real animal and plant information towards fun storylines which are maintained by National Geographic educational content. The game has no outside advertising and marketing and is playable within a web browser. This game was released in 2010 and it…


Suburbia is a Facebook video game which obviously requires motivation from the Sims Social (a game that has been launched onto for some time now). The game isn’t a few clone though and has a lot of fun to be had for fans of life simulation games. In Suburbia gamers…


Poptropica is free online game made for teenagers and children which provides a digital world combined with a number of role playing elements. The game is owned by Person PLC and it was introduced in September 2007. Poptropica provides quickly developed since it went live to over 550 million user…

City Girl Life

City Girl Life is the social and fashion targeted experience produced by Playdom that can be played directly in your own web browser either through the Playdom website or Facebook. The game is extremely just like some other games in the genre seems like a spiritual successor to Playdom’s different…


SocioTown is really a free to play widely multiplayer online experience that can be played inside your internet browser. If you prefer a social orientated experience that you can begin to play in less than a minute without any setup then you might be thinking about what SocioTown has to…